bike 2 work scheme UK - save up to 42%

Bike 2 Work

Did you know that as a registered Bike2work partner we could help you save up-to 42% on the cost of a brand new bike and cycling equipment

This is made possible by the Government's Green Transport Plan which not only aims to reduce environmental pollution and promote healthier lifestyles but also make cycling to work a cost-effective option for employees.

How it Works

  1. 1 Employer registers with Bike 2 Work Scheme (register here)
  2. 2 Employee visits one of our partner bike shops to make their selection and obtain a written quote
  3. 3 Employee presents written quotation to the employer for authorisation
  4. 4 Employer provides authorisation to Bike 2 Work Scheme
  5. 5 Employer makes payment to Bike 2 Work Scheme as per initial written quotation
  6. 6 Bike 2 Work Scheme issues voucher to employee
  7. 7 Employee presents voucher at the relevant bike shop and collects their chosen bike / equipment
  8. 8 Employee's Interest Free monthly payments commence

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